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Really Hot Bassist Interview interviews that Karn bassist Felderline...

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(This translated interview is from, and I hope they don’t kill me.)

You played a show yesterday with Ozzy Osbourne in Prague. How was it?
"You know, when we play shows with Ozzy in such a big arena - and we don't do that very often - we get awestruck. You see the rafters, all the fans up there, everywhere. And the catering is great [laughs]. The food was good. And it's always cool to hear Ozzy and all those cool songs. And they [Ozzy's Band] are all cool. It was a good time, it rocked!"

Has anything changed since the time when you were touring with Ozzy 10/11 years ago?
"Nope. He still does the same thing, still plays in those huge venues. I hope that we can be like Ozzy one day."

Let's talk about the new album. It will be released this month. I heard some audio streams on the internet. What would you say is the progress from the last album ["See You on the Other Side"]? I found that it was going towards the same direction, since you worked with the same producers. What is from your opinion the biggest difference?
"I think it will be different because we have a keyboarder called Horse [Zac Baird], who was already live on tour with us. We asked him to write this complete album with us We have keyboards in it and it's gothic-wise - there are those graceful moments, which contribute a new element to KoRn.

"We brought in Terry Bozzio, who is one of the best drummers on this planet. And how he plays the drums - this brought us to create music in another way because we had to suit it for that other drummer. We also brought Brooks Wackerman to play drums. And he again plays differently. Playing with those drummers gave us a new approach. There are other sounds - musically this will be... different."

So it was good to play with Atticus Ross and The Matrix. Is there any reason why the album is again self-titled - like your debut in 1994? Is it some kind of new beginning for KoRn or what?
"It won't have any title. We're just leaving it to the fans to see how they're going to call it. Whatever. I don't want to name it - I just want to leave it to the fans. When I tell you, you know... It is their thing."

I thought perhaps a new era would happen for KoRn - since it's the second self-titled album.
"I don't know. Let's see what will happen [laughs]."

How is it going with your label Elementree Records? I've seen that the current Deadsy album is going to be published in Germany, too...
"We're always on the search for new music. Everytime when fans send us demos in we listen to it all. As soon as we stumble on something we like, then we'll keep you posted. Keep sending them in!"

About The Family Values Tour. This is the first time that you're bringing it to Germany...
"That's right."

Was it planned, that two german bands [Maroon and Maintain] were opening instead of bringing the american bands, which played in the US during The Family Values Tour?
"We decided that it's cool they'd open for us. Because we will return in January/February with the appropriate, big Family Values Tour. With the whole 'Real Deal,' like how it is in the USA. We'll bring the 'Real Thing' in January/February."

So this here is a teaser, and then...
"Exactly, a little teaser."

Are there any future plans for The Family Values Tour? Will you continue like this for the next five years or so?
"We'll continue until... the fans won't want to come anymore [laughs]."

That means forever. [laughs]
"I hope. I guess we don't know [laughs]"

How is it going with your clothing line Immanuel One Twenty Three? I've read about it on the web, but I couldn't find alot about it...
"Yes, it's my clothing line. I'm working on it but it's alot more difficult than I thought to do such a clothing line. It's a long-winded process. I've only got a few designs that my tattooer did. But I didn't even get to the website or anything else, it's as little as that. Oh, man, it costs alot of money. I didn't know that it'd be that much, so... at the moment I'm fighting myself through all the juridic paper crap."

We should expect that it will come out next year?
"Yeah. Probably next year, yes."

But you have already published signature sneakers with Tribal.
"Holler!" [Fieldy shows the shoes he's currently wearing - of course "his" Tribal Sneakers in black] "I've got my own shoe, a Fieldy Signature Sneaker. You can see it on and order it from there, too. It has a bass-key on the front, my name on the side, my signature on the inside. I got to know the owner of Tribal back when we released the first KoRn album. We were playing in this small, tiny club.

"Someone told me, 'Hey, there's a clothing company around the corner, they call themselves Tribal'. And I was like, 'I'll go there and check it out'. The owner was directly there because they were so small back then. I told him that we were playing a show and he gave me a few shirts. He came over that evening and since then we've been in contact. We're good friends - almost fifteen years now. That's how it came to the shoe."

So there will be more signature stuff?
"Maybe. We're talking about it. Tribal is huge now."

Did you read the part of Brian's book in Revolver Magazine? The book will be released next week. I want to know what you think about and if KoRn fans should buy it - or if there is any reason why they shouldn't.
"I think whatever he had to say at this point he is currently in his life. He maybe looks back on it and thinks, 'I didn't really mean it in that way'. Or he does mean it. I can't really judge him in relation to what he thinks. If it is his belief, then... I don't know, I don't know what I should say. I love that dude. He was a friend since Junior High. I've known him 20 years. And whatever he does, if it makes him happy, then it makes me happy. That's all that I can say."

So you're still standing to him like in the "Who Then Now?" video?
"Yes, he is a friend! When I see my friend happy now, then I don't care what he has to say. If it makes him happy - that's cool. When you can see your friend happy and not out there wanting to kill himself with suicide thoughts. What's important is that your best friend is happy. That's cool."

How is it going with your next solo album, "Fieldy's Nightmare"?
"I'm working on my solo album, I've got eight songs together. It's still going to take some time because it's absolutely not like 'Fieldy's Dreams,' it's deep live music with alot of vocals, not like that foolish party Hip-Hop like on 'Fieldy's Dreams'. It's totally different. I think it's more for people that like heavy music - those will like the new project I am working on."

Kiss or Motörhead?
"Kiss, without any doubt. Kiss was one of the first bands and albums I bought when I was a kid. I love Kiss, man. I've got everything that they've ever released."

Public Enemy or N.W.A.?
"Without any doubt, Public Enemy. When I was younger, I even had a phase in which I had a big clock around my neck [laughs]. Exactly like Flavour Flav. And I had Public Enemy stickers on my car. I did a whole phase like this, I loved Public Enemy."

(The original pic’s also from, and I hope they don’t kill me)

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